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We created our Super Me! Empowerment programs to re-connect our children with themselves and with others. To support their rise in self-esteem, succeed using their natural abilities and have a ton of fun discovering just how Super they are!”
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Each of our books have been created as a support system for your life. Whether dealing with children, education, health or simply need the right words at the right moment, you will find guidance, awareness, inspiration and essential information when you need it most.
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Music to Empower Your Life. Offering original award-winning music, spoken word process, motivation for motion and songs to live, love and learn by.
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Super Me!

Super Me! is an interactive, engaging and empowering program created to inspire children and educators to “live, love and learn” with ease and excitement. The program is founded upon the qualities in loving or as we call them “Super Powers.” Experiential and interactive games, processes, music, books and workshops join forces with education, counseling and most recently school curriculum to offer children.

  • Students Approved 100% 100%
  • Teacher Approved 100% 100%
  • Student Success 100% 100%

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