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Dinner & Global Shifts…

A group of friends, family by choice – each a passionate and well-versed expert in our own individual fields. Gathered at the dinner table talking about our day, our lives, this world. Each one of us sharing experiences, challenges and observations – when it becomes evident that we have all been made aware of and disturbingly moved by a common thread. An energy that is consistently called to our attention.

We came to name it “The Disconnect.”

Multitudes of Children and Adults alike feeling a sense of academic, work and social failure sparked our efforts to bring awareness to the reality that no two people learn or process information the same way. That technology has reared the opportunity for us to communicate with no personal connection. That having one curriculum… is like suggesting that one single engine facilitate every car and truck on the road. That we as a society have forgotten that our staples in life could include the joy, benefits and fulfillment of living with gratitude, kindness, grace and heart.

As we discussed our various solutions, a miracle came to pass. We discovered that by combining our professional solutions, our successes were so much more.

And so began our efforts for the re-connection.

For the positive waves we ripple out to create more good in this world…

For our calling to come together and create…

Global Shifts.