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MicFixit is a magical character who brings empowerment, positive messages and a world of imagination to our children. This interactive book steps outside the box and brings a sense of “expanded thought” to young hearts and minds.

Where there’s MicFixit …there’s Magic!

If you travel along Village Road to Montague, to the area by the beach, and turn right on to East Bay, just as you are about to fall into the water your foot will step onto the bow of a boat, It is a rather different looking boat that serves as both home and workshop to our Hero.

The boat is named The Toolbox and its owner is a magical man who cannot only fix things but can make them better than they ever were before.

His name is MicFixit, and, having arrived on his boat, you are now also on board for his adventures!

His boat, just like he, himself, is magical. Each time we discover an item of importance is broken, it mysteriously shows up again, in perfect condition, with a note. “MicFixit was here and I fixed your gear!” The phenomenal part is that is has been more than simply “fixed”. It has been magically “MicFixed” and is now so much more.

From KJ, Timmy, Scotty and a great bunch of fun, curious and loving characters, you will encounter a guidance bicycle, shoes that lift you to the sky and eye glasses that can see into an airplane flying over head. All because MicFixit “magically fixed them”. But why?

As you will see, the kids in our story (who are the heros by the way) go on adventures. So they need their “super spy” stuff to help them solve these puzzles along the way.

Now there’s one part of this amazing book that you especially need to know about:

It features a fantastic new book designer… YOU! Yes that’s right YOU!

You see, you will be coloring and completing the drawing sin the book as you read it. Very fun stuff! Oh and did we mention that there is a secret code that you have to find? When you solve the secret, (there’s help in the book) you can go to the special MicFixit website, enter the code begin your journey into MicFixit’s magic on line. This is not just your average book. Where there’s MicFixit …there’s Magic!

This is more than just a Book… MicFixit … it’s Magic [Testimonial]


About the Book



Letters That Move The World

Intentional Acts of Gratitude

Come and enjoy a look inside the book and discover how Gratitude creates a positive and lasting impact on your life. This book will make a profound difference to your own life and the lives of those you are grateful for.

 About the Book, Letters That Move The World (Our Vision)

Jason Loken N.D. & Cori Ashley
© 2013 – Ivory Songs Publishing Inc. – All rights reserved

Our Vision

What we are proposing is the opportunity for you to make history.
To be a part of something that will move the world.

To know the impact that one heart can make on the heart of another.

To live the joy of knowing that your life matters and through this knowing, realize… that all of us matter.

How Can a Letter Move the World?

“Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.” – Margaret Cousins

Imagine this: Someone sends you a letter. It’s unique. It’s magical.

And it holds special meaning because it genuinely comes from their heart. It says that you are appreciated, that you are special, and that you matter very much to them.

Now, think of what would happen if thousands, tens of thousands, even millions of people got a letter like this. Can you envision what life would feel like with everyone knowing that they were very important to someone else, that they mattered? Now picture everyone feeling this at the same time, creating a single focused moment for positive change. Can you imagine the impact on our world?

That’s what Letters that Move the World proposes. It shows how writing a letter from the heart can start transforming the world to a place where people care about and respect themselves, each other, every nation, and our global environment. And it introduces the celebration of Gratitude Day (G-Day), a day that brings it all into focus. This book reveals how it is possible, why it is practical, and gives you the opportunity to embrace the reality of how one letter from your heart can move this world… and create so much more.

This book was written with a very specific, and in some ways simple, purpose. It is to start a movement of gratitude in us (the authors), in you, and, ultimately, in the world. You’ll get all the whys and wherefores as you read the book; however, in a nutshell, here’s the plan:

  • Identify folks to whom you want to write a letter of gratitude. (We’ll help you figure out who they are. This may turn out to be a most surprising discovery.)
  • Write and send the letters whenever the spirit moves you. (There are easy processes to assist you in getting clear on writing the letters.)
  • On a specific day (revealed inside) we will move the world together through the release of a simultaneous message of gratitude.

It’s as simple as that.

About G-day – International Gratitude Day

The day that launches expressions of gratitude into a single focused “moment” for positive change:

January 7, 2010 was the first. Each year after is our vision.

Yet it is our ultimate objective that each day, 365 days of the year be “gratitude day” as we can all find and capture the essence of gratitude in our lives, in some way, each day. What day would you consider to be your G-day?

On January 7th of each year, we will all join together in sending a simultaneous brief message of gratitude to those we have acknowledged throughout the countdown leading up to G-Day.

Working together in this way, we will begin raising the consciousness, vibrations, and awareness around the planet—ultimately producing a wave of joy, loving, and, yes, gratitude that will absolutely… move the whole world. It really all starts with you. And when joined by millions of others adopting this same expression and outreach of gratitude, we will create so much MORE together.

Exactly What Do We Do on G-Day and How Do We Do It?

Well, as we continue with our vision of a collective gratitude event on January 7th of each year, we invite you and all those you are grateful for… to join in on the magic of it all. Maybe plan your own gratitude event?

Enjoy and be shifted by Letters That Move The World. It all starts with you.

Finding Heroes Under Some Pretty Strange Rocks

We all have pictures and images of what a HERO is. Usually it’s some fanciful figure or someone we consider larger than life who has performed a spectacular feat producing a positive outcome. Spandex outfits with capes are optional.

But let’s examine a little more closely what a HERO really is. We propose that when we take a really good look at things through the light of gratitude, and peel away the superhuman aspects like being able to fly or see through walls, we all have the inherent ability to be ourselves and still do ordinary things producing extraordinary results. By being our best selves, it is possible for all of us to be a HERO to someone, in our own unique way.

The amazing thing is that you can become a HERO simply through the way you choose to live and experience your life. Thus our chosen acronym HERO: How your Experiences Reflect upon Others. Letters That Move The WorldChapter 6 – features 5 very different perspectives of gratitude. The common theme within each of these heartfelt letters in this chapter is that gratitude was found where they least expected it.

The Science Behind Gratitude

Warning: New research indicates emotions are contagious! Side

effects of expressing gratitude may include joy, longer life, inspiration

and so much more.

It is one thing to state that gratitude can literally change who you are, and yet another to back that up with scientifically based evidence.

In Chapter 5 of The Letters That Move The World, you discover tangible proof of what affect Gratitude can have on our bodies, psyche, community and ultimately our world is just one of the many inspirations and gifts within this book.

We will show you the benefits of feeling and expressing gratitude. And we will demonstrate that although it is a complex concept, we all know what it’s like to be grateful for something and we all know how to say “thanks.”  Although the concept of expressing thanks and the virtues of gratitude have existed for thousands of years, we’re only recently starting to get a fuller appreciation of what it means to be grateful and what this emotion does.

Gratitude, Ripples, and M.O.R.E.

Recognizing our ability to invite more of what we are looking for into our lives.

Choosing Gratitude

As we’ve been saying, you can know of the existence of gratitude. You can see it, feel the results of it, you can invite it in. However, when you actually choose to act upon it you can use it as a vehicle to create a positive impact on yourself, others, and ultimately the world. That’s where M.O.R.E., “My Own Ripple Effect,” comes into play. Making M.O.R.E.

My Own Ripple Effect starts within each of us. As you change your awareness into something expansive, outward in all directions. As it moves, it seems to grow, touching everything in its path and, to a greater or lesser degree, transforming what it touches. This, in turn, opens the gates to allow and actually attract ripples of gratitude back to you.

To embrace the magic of gratitude as the foundation of your own ripple effect is to create a positive impact upon your own heart. You may be pleasantly amazed as it ripples out to the hearts of others and to the world around you.

Gratitude reflects gratitude. Gratitude invites gratitude. Gratitude creates more gratitude.


About the Book



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