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Personal Shifts

Personal Shifts

We, as human beings, are constantly in a state of transition.

A “Personal Shift” is the art of observing and understanding where you are in the present moment and embracing the inner-knowing that you have the strength, courage and freedom of choice to move forward.

Dr. Jason Loken N.D. puts you back in the drivers seat of your health and wellness with his books, workshops and video series, experience and his inspiring call to care.

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Super Me! Program

Super Me! Program

“Telling children how to make good and bad choices is somewhat like window shopping. Super Me! Programs let you try on the dress.”

What Is Super Me?

Super Me! is a program that transforms the way children think and feel about themselves so they make positive choices in school and in life. Each child who participates is empowered by discovering and using their own natural abilities to solve problems, meet challenges, and enjoy success.

Every activity within our program is designed to consistently produce an affirmative and successful experience for the child. Their successes transform how they view themselves and literally create a positive shift in their behavior.

The children come to identify their natural abilities as their “Super Powers,” and they recognize themselves in practical and usable ways as a “Super Me!”

We consistently see problem kids in classrooms transforming from troublemakers into model students and constructive and productive family and community members.

“Their joyous achievements throughout the program lay the groundwork for the children’s rise in moral strength, courage and self-esteem.”

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