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Their attitudes have shifted greatly in attitude …

They are now learning each other’s personalities. They are socializing with more ease. They are becoming more accepting of each other. They learning through the activities and learning each other better.  Learning and respecting each other.

I use this in every session I have with the children. Applies to concepts of understanding, respect and appreciation.

Their attitudes have shifted greatly in attitude specially around the concepts of nationality, respect for each other, culture and we need to accept each other. Unity.

– Adeltis Stubbs, C.V. Bethel Family Life G

“positively affects their behavior”

Yes this program helps to train the students to think in a better and different way and it positively affects their behavior less fighting and arguing with the boys.

– Miss V. Hepburn , Columbus Primary Grade 5

“These [Super Me!] processes seem to adapt to each situation.”

I had been experiencing a great deal of fighting amongst my grade 4, 5, 6 girls. These processes stepped in and gave these girls solutions and resolutions skills that now take the place of the fighting. There is more peace.

Each child has a different challenge. These processes seem to adapt to each situation. They are flexible and easy to apply and I have seen many children shift due to this program.

– Vivian Brown, Head of Counseling Queens

“They [The students] look forward to each process.”

With any of the processes we noticed am immediate response. They were able to interpret things more easily because of the processes.

They look forward to each process. Very excited to do the next as they started to learn each other better – accepted each other more easily.

– Oralee Smith , A.F. Adderly, Family Life Teacher