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MicFixit is a magical character who brings empowerment, positive messages and a world of imagination to our children. This interactive book steps outside the box and brings a sense of “expanded thought” to young hearts and minds.

Where there’s MicFixit …there’s Magic!

If you travel along Village Road to Montague, to the area by the beach, and turn right on to East Bay, just as you are about to fall into the water your foot will step onto the bow of a boat, It is a rather different looking boat that serves as both home and workshop to our Hero.

The boat is named The Toolbox and its owner is a magical man who cannot only fix things but can make them better than they ever were before.

His name is MicFixit, and, having arrived on his boat, you are now also on board for his adventures!

His boat, just like he, himself, is magical. Each time we discover an item of importance is broken, it mysteriously shows up again, in perfect condition, with a note. “MicFixit was here and I fixed your gear!” The phenomenal part is that is has been more than simply “fixed”. It has been magically “MicFixed” and is now so much more.

From KJ, Timmy, Scotty and a great bunch of fun, curious and loving characters, you will encounter a guidance bicycle, shoes that lift you to the sky and eye glasses that can see into an airplane flying over head. All because MicFixit “magically fixed them”. But why?

As you will see, the kids in our story (who are the heros by the way) go on adventures. So they need their “super spy” stuff to help them solve these puzzles along the way.

Now there’s one part of this amazing book that you especially need to know about:

It features a fantastic new book designer… YOU! Yes that’s right YOU!

You see, you will be coloring and completing the drawing sin the book as you read it. Very fun stuff! Oh and did we mention that there is a secret code that you have to find? When you solve the secret, (there’s help in the book) you can go to the special MicFixit website, enter the code begin your journey into MicFixit’s magic on line. This is not just your average book. Where there’s MicFixit …there’s Magic!

This is more than just a Book… MicFixit … it’s Magic [Testimonial]