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Education & Empowerment


Picture if you will, a circle of friends, each of us experts in our own fields. Musicians, artists, educators, counselors, Naturopathic doctors and a host of other caring minds and hearts. The common denominator for the dinner table chat was often the ever-growing… Continue »

Health & Wellness

water guy personal shifts-featured

We, as human beings, are constantly in a state of transition. A “Personal Shift” is the art of observing and understanding where you are in the present moment and embracing the inner-knowing that you have the strength, courage and freedom of choice to move… Continue »

Music, Books & More


Featured Music showcased on including songs like, Sing Out, With An Angel’s Touch, and Super Me! Theme Song. Featured Books include Letters That Move The World: Intentional Acts of Gratitude, Top 10 Lab Tests and Solutions and MicFixit: Magic. Continue »

What is Global Shifts?

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Super Me!

Super Me! is an interactive, engaging and empowering program created to inspire children and educators to “live, love and learn” with ease and excitement. The program is founded upon the qualities in loving or as we call them “Super Powers.” Experiential and interactive games, processes, music, books and workshops join forces with education, counseling and most recently school curriculum to offer children Learn More

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  • Student Success 100%

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