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Top 10 Lab Tests and Solutions

Chronic disease prevention for your optimal health

Dr. Jason Loken, ND

Jason celebrates an impressive resume of accomplishments including the co-creation of workshops, books and programs that truly changes lives for the positive. Exploring the values and ease of natural solutions, his professional career as a Naturopathic Doctor, professor and his extensive Osteopathic studies are just some of the resources from which Jason brings strategies and experiences to help you achieve total wellness, a balanced lifestyle and the inner knowing that you can achieve that “Personal Shift”.

Get into your optimal “health zone” with the Top 10 Lab Tests and Solutions. In response to so many who’s lab tests came back “normal” yet they felt less than normal with little resolve in sight, this book was created to put you back in the driver’s seat when it comes to your health and life. Easily understood, realistic and attainable solutions provide a powerful tool for chronic disease prevention, resolve of your bothersome symptoms and phenomenal guide to your optimal health. Why settle for “normal” when “optimal” is an option. This book was created for you.

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